Karisa here, glad you've found your way to my site! Do you know what I love about this photo? My son's hand on his forehead (he's over it, HA!), the way my middle daughters beaming such a bright smile at our youngest, and the way golden hour light is flowing through the lace of my dress. It is largely displayed and the first thing I see upon entering my home. I cherish this frozen moment in time because it is so "US!" When I peer back on this photo years down the road I want to be able to feel it and truly remember this time in our lives.

Personally, this is why I lean towards "promptography". I firmly believe "every photo has a story to tell and every story needs a photo." And what better way to showcase anyone's story than to get them moving & capture their true self?

I would be honored to capture your family or event! I take pride in my photos, my goal is to give you photos to cherish forever.

From my family to yours,


Credit: Photos By Jordi